This wallpaper book impresses first and foremost with matt-gloss effects that use light and make the walls shine. The wallpapers of the Giulia collection can be used in almost every room and are timeless and homely due to their colouring.

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The first design is a realistic depiction of a bulrush plant, which brings nature into your own four walls and radiates peace and serenity through the motif. The ethno style enters with the second design: It is a rhombus consisting of hundreds of small dots, which – viewed from a distance – merges into a calm design. Combined with the right accessories, this is a wallpaper that makes a statement on the wall, but at the same time knows how to fit harmoniously into the overall concept of a room. The colour combination of anthracite with highly contemporary copper and luxurious gold must be emphasised here. It is an intensive spatial effect that is created by these wallpapers.

A tribute to the still current botanical theme in the interior is a realistically held palm tree and the realistic depiction of a pineapple. Both motifs are underlaid with a shadow and thus obtain a three-dimensional effect.

The wallpapers are unusual, combining elongated diamonds and round arches in one set – a reminiscence of the Art Decó style of the 1920s. Here the combination of royal blue and gold stands out – it shows the matt-gloss effects mentioned at the beginning in an impressive way.

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