First of all, there is the realistic leaf of the banana tree, which looks as if it had been printed on the wallpaper in wood printing. The second motif is butterflies and dragonflies – messengers of freedom and joie de vivre, which bring magical moments into your own four walls. Rather classic is a wallpaper with a filigree grass motif that looks as if the wind is gently moving it back and forth.

marburg FELICITA 31715

Novamur Presents

The Alizé Collection

Alizé wallpaper collection that has that certain “something”. This is primarily due to the careful use of glitter particles on selected wallcoverings that are guaranteed to give each room a very special flair. There are five eye-catching motifs: Alize wallpapers are Wonderfully designed peony blossoms are scattered apparently at random over the wallcovering, with blossom leaves shown in outline or solid to add variety.
marburg ALIZÉ 81837

Novamur Presents


It shimmers magnificently when you open the Ella collection. The reason are the finest glitter particles that have been applied to the motif and cast a spell on the viewer. Already with the first design it may be above all more. A baroque damask motif in three colour combinations gives a room exclusivity all along the line.

More from Novamur

marburg DAPHNE 81997 81993


Daphne is a wallpaper book that impresses primarily through the alternation of dullness and gloss. In almost every set you will find elements that make the wall shine depending on the incidence of light.

marburg BELINDA 81870


Belinda is a wallpaper collection that takes into account the special feel of wallpaper. Right at the beginning of the book, deceptively real wood grains seduce to touch, a sisal structure in five different colours invites to touch.

Novamur Presents


Chelsea is a quiet collection that focuses on floral designs. Customers can choose from five main motifs, with at least two matching wallpapers suggested for each.