Chelsea Wallcover is a calm collection that focuses mainly on floral patterns. Customers can choose from five main designs, for each of which at least two matching wallcoverings are available.
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The first motif takes the form of a tendril in an abstract, graphic design accentuated with a touch of sparkle. The second design is also a tendril, but in a more naturalistic shape and positioned on a strié background. The floral touch remains: A soft shimmer created by a matt-shine effect adds lightness and serenity to an all-over bracken print. The pattern book is rounded off by two strictly graphic patterns: little hexagons reminiscent of mosaic bathroom tiles and triangles overlaid by a lozenge pattern.

The colours are in the Chelsea Wallcover collection homely and liveable, with light grey, beige and naturals as the dominant shades. Elegant anthracite with a glitter touch and light turquoise are the highlights.

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