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Alizé is a wallpaper collection that has that certain “something”. This is primarily due to the careful use of glitter particles on selected wallcoverings that are guaranteed to give each room a very special flair. There are five eye-catching motifs: Wonderfully designed peony blossoms are scattered apparently at random over the wallcovering, with blossom leaves shown in outline or solid to add variety. The vertically aligned spheres that seem to be shaped from thin wire have a light, delicate feel, which is enhanced by a soft matt-shine effect. Rooms take on a geometric linearity with a wallcovering made up simply of triangles and rectangles, which looks wonderfully eye-catching combined with Art Nouveau or Rococo furniture. Highlights of the collection include realistic trees on a wool-white and matt-black background, some of which have such a high-shine finish that they look like little mirrors.

The colour combinations of this collection are essentially calm. Fans of elegant grey and warm wool white will adore it. Those who prefer something a little more unusual will love the rich petrol.

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  • belinda-novamur-tapeten-weiß
  • belinda-tapeten-novamur
  • graue-tapeten-belinda-novamur
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  • belinda-novamur-tapeten
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Belinda, is a collection that centres on the particular feel of wallcoverings. Right at the beginning of the book, deceptively real wood grains cry out to be stroked and a sisal structure in five different colourways just needs to be touched. The tactile conclusion to the collection is a wallcovering on which thousands of dots the size of a pinhead are symmetrically arranged – a gift to the sense of touch. However, the absolute highlight here is a subtle graphic pattern reminiscent of the centuries-old art of the Aztecs. Every single one of the thousands upon thousands of lines is embossed again, and the background shimmers softly, making the wallcovering look like high-quality damask fabric.

Belinda is completed by timeless plasterwork structures, tiny triangles with glitter particles and a network of branches in a graphic style.

The colours of the collection have a cosy, warm feel. They are subtle, unobtrusive and thus timeless: soft wool-white, restrained greige, timeless café au lait.



Chelsea is a calm collection fron Novamur Wallcoverings that focuses mainly on floral patterns. Customers can choose from five main designs, for each of which at least two matching wallcoverings are available.

The first motif takes the form of a tendril in an abstract, graphic design accentuated with a touch of sparkle. The second design is also a tendril, but in a more naturalistic shape and positioned on a strié background. The floral touch remains: A soft shimmer created by a matt-shine effect adds lightness and serenity to an all-over bracken print. The pattern book is rounded off by two strictly graphic patterns: little hexagons reminiscent of mosaic bathroom tiles and triangles overlaid by a lozenge pattern.

The colours are homely and liveable, with light grey, beige and naturals as the dominant shades. Elegant anthracite with a glitter touch and light turquoise are the highlights.

  • daphne-novamur-tapeten
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  • weiße-tapete-novamur-daphne



Daphne is a Novamur wallcoverings collection that creates its impression primarily through the interplay of matt and shine surfaces. Almost every set contains elements that make the wall gleam beautifully, depending on how the light falls. In addition,Daphnecentres on the graphic elements. The very first main motif features shimmering rectangles of different sizes apparently swirling randomly across each other. The second set consists of lines of different widths overlapping like branches. The third motif is graphic and austere, with hexagons of different sizes crossing and separating out from each other. This pattern is softened by its combination wallcovering which incorporates glitter. Two floral patterns loosen up the wallcovering collection: a realistic meadow plant worked like a scissor-cut silhouette and an abstract leaf motif.

The colour combinations in the collection are cosy and liveable, dominated by quiet shades such as soft mouse grey, wool white and greige. The use of elegant anthracite or rich petrol is certain to attract attention.