Belinda is a collection that centres on the particular feel of wallcoverings. Right at the beginning of the book, deceptively real wood grains cry out to be stroked and a sisal structure in five different colourways just needs to be touched. The tactile conclusion to the collection is a wallcovering on which thousands of dots the size of a pinhead are symmetrically arranged – a gift to the sense of touch. However, the absolute highlight here is a subtle graphic pattern reminiscent of the centuries-old art of the Aztecs. Every single one of the thousands upon thousands of lines is embossed again, and the background shimmers softly, making the wallcovering look like high-quality damask fabric.

Belinda is completed by timeless plasterwork structures, tiny triangles with glitter particles and a network of branches in a graphic style.


The colours of the collection have a cosy, warm feel. They are subtle, unobtrusive and thus timeless: soft wool-white, restrained greige, timeless café au lait.